Gary's Gourds  ~ handcrafted gourd art by Gary Bowen

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Welcome to Gary's Gourds! Where each gourd is an original and one of a kind!   Gary designs and hand crafts his unique native american inspired gourds in his studio overlooking Mt. Shasta.   Each gourd is hand carved, painted, stained and assembled.  Feathers, turquoise, leather and horn pieces are used to embellish and enhance the design.  

There are several ways to purchase these unique pieces of art: 
  1. Select Contact Us.  Complete the form and entering the gourd(s) you wish to purchase in the comments box.
  2. Send us an email at
  3. Call us directly between 8 am and 7 pm Pacific Time at (530) 340-6482

Click on Gallery to view additional art pieces.   

         Pitcher - 10" w/bear on front, inlaid turquoise,         Deer Horn Rattle - 15" w/feathers, beads on leather
         horn feet     $65.00                                               strap.   $55.00


                                                  Kachina - 15" tall, suede cloth vest   $130.00

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